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  • “We are really happy and quite simply would have never met without you. We are wishing others the joy that we have found.”
  • “Joining an introduction agency can feel rather daunting; I recall having mixed feelings about it. However, when you take a step back and think about it logically, it all makes perfect sense. One just has to remember that when you join an agency you are all essentially in the same boat and there is nothing to feel self conscious about. I met some perfectly charming and entertaining men. Needless to say I thought one of them was more charming and entertaining than the others!”
  • “I believe it was a case of “love at first sight” on both sides. I am pleased to say that we got married last month. The day was special and absolutely perfect. We’re so happy with each other and could not imagine being apart from each other now.”


  • “Thank you from both of us for seeing that we might just get on. We have had the happiest year of our lives and having experienced moderate relationships in the past know that ours, facilitated by you, is extremely special.”
  • “Despite never thinking I’d have the ‘nerve’ to contact London Extra, doing so has changed my entire life (something I never take for granted)”
  • “We would both like to thank you for introducing us and making both of our lives so much happier and more fulfilling. It would be nice to think you could bring as much happiness to other couples as you have brought to us.”


  • “I would definitely recommend your service for anyone searching for someone special. Thanks for a positive experience with a happy ending.”
  • “This is just a quick note to say that your matchmaking skills are clearly exceptional. She is the most fantastic woman I have met in a long time – and luckily our feelings are mutual- so far it is totally wonderful.”
  • “We are very, very happy to be embarking on a life together, keep up the good work.”

  • “Did we ever thank you for introducing us? Our apologies if not but we will be eternally grateful to you and everyone at London Extra!”


  • “We do sometimes reflect on how quickly our lives have changed since we met. We do feel lucky to have found each other and our happiness has been matched by our two daughters.”
  • “London Extra works. It is also a glorious adventure. From my very first encounter to eventually finding the person I want to be with I never had a meeting or conversation that was not interesting. Many were delightful. All of them moved me towards what I was looking for in a way that I will not forget.”
  • “10 years after getting married and with one gorgeous son, we do appreciate the introduction made through London Extra.”
  • “We were going to write and let you know that we got married just over a month ago! Thank you to the team for matching us two and half years ago-you can add us to the list of happy endings for your matches : )”
  • “We will be forever grateful to you and the team at London Extra for introducing us to one another and wish you another thirty years of success.”
  • “Having thought about joining for ages, it was obviously the best thing I ever did and I cannot say how please I am with my membership. I don’t know what percentage of your members have such a happy ending but I am pleased to have joined them. In so far as I can without giving the game away, I have been recommending you to my friends. ”

  • “You will be please to know that we are intending to get married this summer. Many thanks for all your help in bringing this about and may you continue to prosper in the future.”


  • “Sorry I haven’t written earlier I know you like some feedback every so often. Well the good news is that we are getting married! I don’t think you can get a much better result than that so chalk up another victory and thanks for everything.”
  • “I joined London Extra in August but within a fortnight went ‘on hold’. The first man on my original selection to call me was also the first man I met, and we have been together ever since! After we had known each other a few weeks we were happily confident we were a permanent relationship, and so far anyway we have been tremendously happy.”
  • “Met August, married March, Baby due in Easter. What can we say!”
  • “We met through London Extra in February last year and at the end of March this year we were married. Our feelings about London Extra will be self- evident, may it go from strength to strength!”
  • “I joined London Extra in February and we met in May that year. After holiday-ing together in Australia and America as well as Europe, we moved in together in March and now have a five week old baby daughter.
    I thought you might like to add up your list of successes!”
  • “We’re both very pleased and happy with what seemed initially to be an intrepid and strange venture…”
  • D.K
  • “I think we are both slightly stunned by the depth of the connection that has been made over such a short period of time. Although it’s still very early days, I think we are both really clear that we want to explore the potential of this relationship. I just can’t thank you enough for your part in getting us together. It makes me smile to think back to spending two hours making my selecting when all that time you must have been thinking: “Ok, make your selection but I’ve already worked out who it is you should meet”. An inspired piece of ‘seeing’.”
  • “We are writing to resign out membership from London Extra. Through your agency we have now been together for just over 9 months. Our relationship so far has brought us some of the happiest moments of our lives. We do not know as yet what it will hold for us in the future, but what we do know is that we want to concentrate all our energies on the adventure which is unfolding. The rest is in hands other than our own. We would both like to thank you and your staff for the chance to meet one another, & to wish you all a very Happy New Year.”
  • “I thought you ought to know how the story developed. We lasted, and the relationship grew, not (being human) entirely without the odd up and down, but slowly and steadily. We have now agreed that we should get married, much to the delight of our respective families, and we hope to do so later in the year.
    I really don’t know quite how I can thank you enough for having introduced us. It sounds quite trite to say, but I can’t think of anything other than that is has entirely and completely changed our lives, and I don’t think either of us has ever known quite such happy times since we met. Thank you ever so much for what you did for us both. With fondest wishes”
  • “Little did I know that coming to London Extra 9 months ago was going to transform my life so dramatically and so very quickly. Amelia’s written details fascinated me right away and I was keenly writing her name within an hour of meeting with you. She responded soon and we met within a few days. Magically, we were instantly very attracted to one another and have had the most lovely time together ever since, both here in London and travelling around the World. We bought this flat together a month or so ago, I just feel incredibly lucky. She’s a remarkable woman, and you’re a remarkable organisation. Thank goodness I plucked up the courage to come and see you.”
  • “Thank you for contacting me. I will not be renewing my membership as through you I have met a very nice man with whom I am now having a relationship. I really enjoyed my time with you –had a lot of laughs and illuminating experiences. Thank you for being there.”
  • “Just thought we’d let you know that we have been together since April and are also engaged. The other good news is that we are expecting a baby in May and are both very excited life has transformed dramatically for us both, thanks to you!”
  • “I recently received a note from you, although I wasn’t aware that I was still a member. Anyway I thought I would take the opportunity to let you know that Edward and I, who met I through you, are now very much together and expecting our first child in May next year. So thank you from us both!”
  • “This is to let you know that after 4 years of getting to know each other, that we got married on May 3rd this year. With thanks to you and London Extra for the introduction.”
  • R.O
  • “Thank you for introducing us and making life so very much different for us.”
  • “In writing to you we can both compliment you on the very high quality of service that you offer, and we will have no hesitation in recommending your agency to anyone who is seeking such a facility.”
  • “Although we both work in closely related areas and share a number of similar interests, there is little doubt that without our both being members of London Extra, we probably would not have met.”
  • “I am writing on behalf of Ian and myself to ask you to put our membership on hold. We can tell you that having recently met each other, Ian and I found the chemistry and mutual interest so strong that we have embarked upon a relationship which can already be described as ‘going steady’. Perhaps in modern days ‘newspeak’ we could describe ourselves as an item!”
  • “We got married! We met through your agency and got engaged three years later, the same weekend. We thought you might like to see the photos of who were and who we are now…obviously we are eternally grateful to London Extra. I hope the agency continues with its successes. We know of two other couples who married after meeting through you-which is part of the reason for joining in the first place.”
  • “We thought you would be interested to know that ‘London Extra’ has recently had a success with an introduction.”
  • “You won’t have heard from me for some time. Over a year ago I asked to be ‘suspended’ from London Extra database. I’m thrilled to say that we got married on 5th September. It took London Extra to bring us together.”
  • “Whilst some agencies are currently arousing controversy, we thought we would write to you with a success story! Living together proved blissful, we got engaged last month in Ireland and are now enthusiastically planning our wedding for March. None of this would have been possible without London Extra, rather clichéd, but true! We are open about how we met and recommend your friendly and discreet service to friends.
    With many thanks and best wishes.”
  • “We were going to get in touch with you when we got married four years ago to share the happy news. Unfortunately we never got round to it! Now that we have a new addition to the family it seemed a good occasion.”
  • “At this stage in the wedding preparations we must describe ourselves as happily delirious rather than deliriously happy! But seriously, we would never have met if it had not been for London Extra and we are really pleased that we persevered. Hopefully, this will encourage others to do likewise and find the same love that we have found. With best wishes”
  • “We are delighted to enclose a copy of our wedding invitation as further proof that your service can really work.”
  • “I am writing to let you know that Julia and I are engaged to be married, we are both very, very happy about this and I would like to send you my heartfelt thanks for your service and for all your help an advice. We actually became engaged last summer- I meant to let you know before but life became incredibly busy, our marriage will probably be in March.”
  • A Postcard from Venice “Sitting here in the Sunshine in our honeymoon after a lunch of lamb and chianti, we felt we should write and let you know as one of your successes-having not met last August through London Extra, we’ve married last week. So many thanks.”
  • “I am just writing a quick note to say ‘thank you’ for al your help and advice. Mike was the first person I met through London Extra. As you can see we recently got married and are moving house shortly. We are really happy and quite simply would have never met without you. Wishing others the joy that we have found!”
  • “Dear Susan and team, we are delighted to enclose our wedding invitation.”
  • “Thank you for introducing us and making life so much different for us.”
  • “I just can’t thank you enough for your part in getting us together. Life has transformed dramatically for us both, thanks to you!”
  • “Little did I know that coming to London Extra 9 months ago was going to transform my life so dramatically”
  • “Entirely and completely changed our lives, and I don’t think either of us has ever known quite such happy times since we met…”
  • “We are now engaged to be married. I would like to send you my heartfelt thanks for your service and all your help and advice.”
  • “I am happy to report that your agency has proved successful.”
  • “I thought you might like to add us to your list of successes!”

Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about your Dating Service and the services we offer.

A. Our youngest client so far was 20 and our oldest in their mid 80’s. Age is not the key factor for us in deciding if we think we can help you find your soul mate. Positive outlook and a desire for a long term relationship or marriage are far more important than age.

A. London Extra is a well respected brand throughout the UK and beyond. The majority of our clients are based in London and the South East, however, we do also have clients based throughout the world. Global introductions are offered by arrangement.

A. It is true that we probably have the highest proportion of highly educated members of all the personal dating or matchmaking agencies. However, intelligence is often more important than degree education, and we welcome all Thinking People.

A. Some of our members are Ultra High Net Worth individuals. But with one of the largest active client lists of any matchmaker in the UK, our clients come from a huge variety of backgrounds, such as small business owners, academics, entrepreneurs, teachers, musicians, actors, politicians and of course aristocracy.

A. Our current ratio is 51% female, 49% male. We measure this ratio quarterly. If the ratio reaches 47% either way, we suspend new membership for that gender until the ratio is increased. With between 800 and 1000 matchmaking clients at any one time, clients do go on hold (either because we have introduced them to their new partner, are taking holidays or travelling for work) this ratio is always moving. Anecdotally we are told that our male to female ratio is the best amongst the matchmaking firms both in London and the UK.

Over 80% of Members start a relationship within 12 months

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