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Work in the U.K easier. You can apply online and secure. Apply for your National Insurance Number so you can work in the UK. Apply online or by phone. Interview booked immediately. Only takes 5 minutes! Expert Advice. No Waiting. 24/7 Support. Services: New Application, Replacement Letter, Change of Details.

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After completing the application our experts will check your details, register you with HMRC and then book your Evidence of Identity interview. We will keep you updated throughout the application process.

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Apply for a UK National Insurance Number with easy steps. Fast turn around with our easy to use online form.

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New Number Application

Apply for a National Insurance Number if you have a working UK VISA, EU-Citizen or have a UK passport. If you plan to work in the UK you must apply for a National Insurance Number.

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Lost National Insurance Number

Apply online if you have lost or require written confirmation of your National Insurance Number. A replacement application pack will be sent to your address.

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