London’s premier handyman service.


* Sash Cord Replacement
* Draught Proofing Sash Windows
* Fitting Locks, Hinges and Handles
* Furniture Assembly
* Fit Stairgates & Child Proofing
* Fitting Shelves
* Shave Swollen Doors
* Tiling and Decorating
* Draught Proofing of External Doors
* London Gardening & Outdoor Services

We charge £40+vat for the first half-hour and £25+vat for any half-hour thereafter. Pay now just first half-hour. If your work finish in half-hour no extra charge. If your work not finish in half-hour £25+vat for any half-hour thereafter.

Replace one inner sash window cord £68+vat. Replace one outer sash window cord £78+vat. Replace both inner sash window cords £95+vat. Replace both outer sash window cords £115+vat. Replace all four sash cords £150+vat. On the supply and fitting of a pair of sash balances for a standard sash window costs £90+vat. Draught Proofing Sash Windows £105+VAT. Sash windows taller than 2.5m are £140+vat. London Gardening & Outdoor Services Up to 2 hours – £100+vat. Up to 4 hours – £180+vat. Up to 6 hours – £260+vat. Up to 8 hours – 325+vat.